Friday , January 27 2023

Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners

The “Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginner” is a comprehensive Microsoft Excel advanced tutorial program published on the Khyber Academy. Its aim is to provide familiarity with the basic and most important tools available in the Microsoft Excel application. In this, we can learn how to manage data and can easily utilize Microsoft excel application in professional life. After learning the Microsoft Excel basics, the trainee will be able to perform complex statistical calculations in Microsoft Excel. You will be familiar with using Microsoft Excel basics tools to solve real problems using add-ins and focus on the use of pivot tables, and pivot charts to easily and quickly analyze large amounts of information. Finally, he will acquire a first familiarity with the macros that he can use to significantly boost his productivity

Microsoft Excel Tutorial: 

Microsoft Excel’s advanced tutorial consists of the following lessons. If you are serious to learn Excel program. You must follow the learning attitude and must do hands-on practice after learning each tutorial. In this tutorial we will use Excel 2019 application, however, the main commands are the same in all versions. 


All those computer users who would like to learn Microsoft Excel from basic to advanced. It is highly recommended for those who are working in Government or private sectors office. 


Before starting this tutorial you should have a basic familiarity with a computer. You may also use computer peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, etc. You should also know the basic skills like computer ON-OFF, opening program, folder, and simple navigations.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel:

  1. What is Microsoft excel?
  2. How to open Microsoft excel?
  3. Explore Basic Parts of Microsoft Excel window

Microsoft Excel Commands

  1. Create a workbook in excel
  2. How to save excel file/workbook
  3. “Save as” command in excel
  4. Open an excel file/workbook
  5. Convert or Save Excel workbook as PDF

Working with a worksheet in excel

  1. Create or insert a new worksheet
  2. Copy or duplicate a worksheet
  3. Move a worksheet
  4. Rename a worksheet 
  5. Delete a worksheet
  6. Protect a worksheet
  7. Set worksheet tab color 
  8. Hide worksheet 
  9. Select all worksheets

Working with cell in excel

  1. Insert data in cell
  2. Copy cell
  3. Past cell
  4. Insert new cell
  5. Delete cell
  6. Setting font
  7. Change background
  8. Change font color
  9. Text decoration bold, italic, underline, etc.
  10. Text alignments 
  11. Change text direction 
  12. Text wrap
  13. Cell merge
  14. Cell/Table border
  15. Cell data format