Lesson: 09 How to Close a Word Document Without Closing?

In this lesson, you will learn how to close a Microsoft Word document. When you complete your work with a document. Before closing the document, you will need to Save it on your computer. If you don’t want to save it on the computer, no tension. So how to close a Word document without closing the Word program? follow the below simple steps.

How to close a Word document without closing the Word Program?

  • Click the File tab (located at the left upper corner) and choose the Close option and your document will be closed.
  • If you have not saved your document on your computer, a warning box will display on the screen asking whether the document should be saved or not. If you want to save your document, click Save and give a name to the document, otherwise click Don’t Save.
  • If the document is already saved on your computer and wants to save the changes, just click on Save, otherwise click Don’t Save. So the Word application will not be closed and you will see a blank Word window.
  • To go back to the opened document, click

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