Lesson:06 How to save a Microsoft word document?

In this lesson, we’ll teach how to save a Microsoft word document on a desktop computer? Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor and probably even the most complete application. This is one of the basic applications for Office use. Millions of users use it on a daily basis to write all kinds of documents, such as jobs, applications, letters, resumes, etc. Microsoft wanted to save documents in the OneDrive cloud storage, within your Microsoft Account. Although this has its advantages (security, always having our files available, etc.), for many users it is annoying.

When we write a document in Word and we are going to save it on a computer hard disk. So, here are the following steps to learn how to save a Microsoft Word document on a computer hard disk.

how-to-save a-Microsoft-Word-document-on-a-computer

How to save a Microsoft Word document on a computer?

  • 1st you should open a Microsoft Word application and create a new document. If you want to save this document then,
  • Click the File tab and a backstage view window will open. Select the Save or Save as (in case the document is already saved) option.
  • Choose the location where you want to save the document. To save a document on your computer, select This PC, or click the Browse option. Chose the folder in the next section where you want to save your file. The default location is My document
  • Now type the file name which you want to assign to your file.
  • Click the Save button, by default your document will save in .docx
  • The file/document will be saved where you have chosen.

Save New Changes in the Existing Documents:

If you want to open an existing file/document and do some changes (partially or completely) to it. Follow the below steps to save the document.

  • Press the Ctrl + S keys from the keyboard to save the changes.
  • You can also click on the floppy icon available at the Quick Access Toolbar just above the File tab.


When you finished his work, you will surely want to close the Microsoft Word application. You hit the X icon at the right upper corner or use a shortcut like Alt + F4 keys from the keyboard.

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