How to Insert Data in Excel Sheet?

In this tutorial, I’ll explore how to insert data in Excel sheet. It can be a simple data or formulas. Inserting data and formulas into an Excel sheet is a basic task for creating functional spreadsheets and performing calculations. Excel provides a versatile platform to input various types of data, such as text, numbers, dates, and formulas etc.

How to Insert Data in Excel Sheet?

Insert Simple Data in Excel:

Select a Cell:
Begin by selecting the cell where you want to insert your data. Click on the cell to make it the active cell; it will be outlined, indicating it’s selected.

Type Your Data:
Once the cell is selected, simply start typing your data. It could be numbers, text, dates, or any other relevant information.

Press “Enter”:
After entering your data, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This action confirms the entry and moves the selection to the cell below if you’re working in a column or to the cell on the right if you’re working in a row.

Continue Inserting Data:
Repeat the process to insert data into other cells as needed. Click the cell, type your data, and press “Enter.”

Inserting Formula in Excel:

Select a Cell:
Similar to inserting data, begin by selecting the cell where you want to insert a formula.

Start the Formula:
To insert a formula, you typically start by typing an equal sign (=) in the selected cell. This signifies to Excel that you’re about to enter a formula.

Enter the Formula:
After typing the equal sign, enter the formula you want to use. For example, to add numbers in cells A1 and A2, you would type “=A1+A2.”

Press “Enter”:
Once you’ve entered the formula, press the “Enter” key. Excel will calculate the result of the formula and display it in the selected cell.

Formula AutoFill:
You can also use Excel’s Formula AutoFill feature by clicking and dragging the small square in the lower right corner of the selected cell to copy the formula to adjacent cells. Excel will adjust cell references accordingly.

Review and Edit:
You can always review and edit your formulas by clicking on the cell with the formula. The formula will appear in the formula bar above the spreadsheet. Make changes as needed, and press “Enter” to recalculate.

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