How to Insert Comment in Excel Application?

In this tutorial, I will explore the simple steps to insert comments in Excel, enabling you to seamlessly annotate your data and streamline your workflow.

In Microsoft Excel, adding comments to your cells is a valuable way to provide additional context, explanations, or notes within your worksheet. Comments can be used to enhance collaboration, document changes, or clarify data for yourself and others. This feature allows you to create a digital conversation within your spreadsheet, making it an indispensable tool for effective data management.

How to Insert Comment in Excel Application?

Here are the steps to insert comments in Microsoft Excel:

Open Your Excel Workbook:

Open the Microsoft Excel and open the workbook where you want to insert comments.

Select the Cell:
Click on the cell where you want to add a comment. This is the cell that will display the comment indicator.

Go to the Review Tab:
In the Excel ribbon, navigate to the “Review” tab at the top of the window.

Click on “New Comment”:
Within the “Review” tab, you’ll find the “New Comment” button in the “Comments” group. Click on it.

Enter Your Comment:
A comment box will appear next to the selected cell. Enter your comment text in this box. You can format the text, add line breaks, and even include hyperlinks if needed.

Resize and Position the Comment Box (Optional):
You can click and drag the edges of the comment box to resize it. You can also move the comment box to a different position within the cell or to a different cell if necessary.

Close the Comment:
To save your comment, click outside the comment box or press the Enter key. The comment indicator (a small red triangle) will appear in the corner of the cell to indicate that there is a comment associated with it.

Viewing Comments:
To view a comment, simply hover your mouse over the cell with the comment indicator. The comment box will appear as a tooltip, displaying the comment text.

Edit or Delete Comments:
To edit or delete a comment, right-click on the cell with the comment indicator and choose the desired option from the context menu.

Save Your Workbook:
Be sure to save your workbook after adding or editing comments to ensure your changes are preserved.

By following the above steps, you can easily insert comments in Excel to provide additional context and notes within your spreadsheet, making it a valuable tool for communication and collaboration.

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