How to Copy a Sheet in Excel Application?

In this tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step guide, to the process of copying a sheet in Excel application. It makes easy for you to duplicate and edit your data without starting from scratch. Whether you’re creating a backup, working on a template, or simply organizing your workbook. Copying a sheet can save you valuable time and effort. By following our tutorial, you’ll be able to seamlessly replicate sheets within your Excel application, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively. With our detailed instructions and clear screenshots, you’ll have no trouble navigating the process, even if you’re new to Excel.

We’ll guide you through each step, from selecting the sheet you want to copy to renaming and positioning the duplicate sheet in your workbook. Excel is a powerful tool for managing and analyzing data, and mastering its functionalities is essential for any professional. Stay tuned and let’s get started on copying sheets in Excel to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow.

How to copy a sheet in Excel in the same Workbook?

Excel has three inbuilt routes to duplicate worksheets. Depending on your preferred working technique, you can use the ribbon, mouse, or keyboard.

Method 1. Copy the Excel sheet by dragging

Copying an Excel sheet by dragging is a straightforward and intuitive method that expedites the process of creating duplicates for various purposes. Follow these steps to effortlessly copy an Excel sheet using the drag-and-drop technique:

  • Open your Excel workbook containing the sheet you want to duplicate.
  • Click on the sheet tab at the bottom of the Excel window that you wish to copy.
  • Now, hold down the “Ctrl” key from the keyboard to ensure the new sheet is placed beside the original.
  • Click on the selected sheet tab and, while holding down the mouse button, drag it next to the sheet and release the mouse button. Excel will create a duplicate of the sheet, and you can see it represented by a new tab with the same name appended with a number (e.g., Sheet1 (2)).

Rename the Copied Sheet (Optional):

If you wish to rename it with the descriptive name for the copied sheet, right-click on the duplicated tab, select “Rename,” and enter the desired name.

Method 2. Duplicate a sheet by mouse right-click

Learn the second way to duplicate a sheet in Excel that is just an easy:

  1. Right-click on the sheet and choose Move or Copy from the context menu. This will open the Move or Copy dialog box.
  2. Under the Before sheet, choose where you want to place the copy of the sheet.
  3. Put a tick in the Create a copy box.
  4. Click Ok.

Method 3. Copy a Sheet in Excel using the Ribbon

The ribbon bar contains all the Excel tools available in the application.

  • To copy a sheet, choose the Home tab.
  • In the Cells group, click on the Format tool, and then click Move or Copy Sheet.
  • The Move or Copy dialog box will appear, now you can follow the same steps described in method 2.

How to copy Excel sheet to another workbook?

The common way to copy a sheet to another workbook is this:

  1. Right-click on the sheet that you want to copy. Now choose the Move or Copy command.
  2. A Move or Copy dialog box will appear.
  3. Now choose the target file where you want to place a copy into a new workbook and select (new book).
  4. Under the Before sheet, specify where to put the copy.
  5. Select the Create a copy box.
  6. Click Ok.

How to copy a sheet to another workbook by mouse dragging?

You can copy an Excel sheet to another workbook by dragging from a mouse. So open both files at the same time on your computer and follow the steps.

  1. Open both the source and target workbooks.
  2. Choose the View tab, in the Windows group, and click View Side by Side. This will arrange the two workbooks horizontally.
  3. Now click the desired sheet you’d like to copy, hold down the Ctrl button from the keyboard, and drag the sheet to the target workbook.

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