How to Change Font Size in Excel Program?

In this tutorial, I will explore the step-by-step process of how to change font sizes in Excel program. It allows you to emphasize or de-emphasize text, enhance readability, and achieve the desired visual presentation of your data. Excel provides a wide range of font sizes to fulfill your various needs, from making headers to increase or decrease text size for dense content. By mastering the art of font size adjustment, you gain precise control over the appearance of your spreadsheet, ensuring that your data is not only accurate but also visually appealing.

How to Change Font Size in Excel From Home Menu:

Certainly! Here are the steps to change font size in Microsoft Excel using the Home menu:

  1. Open Your Excel Workbook: Open Microsoft Excel and open the workbook containing the text you want to change font size.
  2. Select the Text: Click and drag your mouse to select the text whose font size you want to change. Alternatively, you can click on a cell to select its contents.
  3. Go to the Home Tab: Navigate to the “Home” tab on the Excel ribbon. This tab contains a variety of formatting options.
  4. Locate the Font Group: In the “Home” tab, look for the “Font” group. This group contains options related to font formatting.
  5. Find the Font Size Dropdown: Within the “Font” group, you’ll see a dropdown menu labeled with the current font size. Click on this dropdown to reveal a list of available font sizes.
  6. Select a Font Size: Scroll through the list of font sizes or click on a specific size to apply it to the selected text. As you hover over different sizes, Excel provides a live preview of how the text will appear.
  7. View the Font Size Change: Once you’ve selected a font size, you will see the selected text change in size immediately. The font size dropdown will display the newly selected size.
  8. Deselect or Continue Formatting: Click outside the selected text or press the Enter key to deselect the text. If you want to make additional formatting changes, you can do so by selecting the text again and using the same font size dropdown.
  9. Save Your Workbook: Be sure to save your workbook after making any font size changes to preserve your formatting.


Shortcut to Change Font Size:

Press Control + 1 or Shift + Control + F

By following the above steps, you can easily change the font size of selected text in Excel using the Home menu. This allows you to customize the appearance of your data and improve the overall readability of your spreadsheets

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