Save as Command in Excel

“Save as” is a very important command frequently uses in Microsoft Excel. If we already have an Excel file in our computer and we want to make a duplicate copy of this file and keeping the original for further modification/updation. So, we use the “Save as” command.

The following steps will proceed to use this command.

Save as command in Excel

Step-1: Open an excel existing file you want to modify.

Step-2: Click on the “File” tab. The below window will open. Select “Save as” option.

Save as command in excel

Step-3: Click on “Browse” option, the blow “Save as” dialog box will be opened.

Step-4: Now choose a location for the file. 

Step-5: Enter a filename.

Step-6: Click on “Save” button.

Save as dialog box in Excel

If you further modify your document and you want to save your file instantly. A “Save” button will use located in Quick Access Launcher in the left-upper corner of the screen. You can also use a shortcut [Ctrl+S] buttons from the keyboard for “Save” command.

Keyboard Shortcut Key:

Press “F2” from the keyboard, a Save as dialog box will open. 

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