Different Types of Computer

Different Types of Computer/Classification of Computer

As you know about the name of a computer but it is well to know about the different types of computer. A computer is classified on the base of power, function, and purpose. A computer is an electronic machine that accepts raw data as input, process it according to the …

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Brief History of Computer/Generation of Computer

brief history of computer generation of computer

In the beginning of the 19th century and English Mathematician, Charles Babbage invented the modern digital computer. He developed an Analytical Engine based on the modern computer to perform mathematical calculation very fast. The authentic brief history of computer is very old and goes back to 3000BC which still in …

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What is a Computer?

What is computer, Introduction to computer

What is Computer? A computer is a programmable machine (usually electronic), capable for receiving digitalized non-manipulated data (text, number, image, video, audio), process it, and produce a result in the form of information (meaningful data) that could be understood. Data: facts and figures (numbers, text, image, videos, and audios, etc), …

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