How to Type in Word Document? Lesson: 05

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to type in a Microsoft Word document. As most of you already know, when we open a new document in the Microsoft Word application, the first thing we see is a blank document. The Microsoft Word interface is the most suitable for creating text documents.

How to Type in Word Document?

Let’s see how to type in Word document? for this, you may want to create a new document.

  • Open a Microsoft Word application.
  • Create a new document (click on file tab > new) or work on the previously opened document. You will see your blank document on the screen.

The blank document is the area where you can write/type your text at the insertion point. Now click on the blank area of the document. You will see an important thing in your blank document. At the top left black is a vertical flashing bar which is called “cursor”. This is the insertion point and signifies the place where you can type in a Word document. Now start typing text from the keyboard. Let’s type the word “Khyber Academy” as shown in the above picture window.

If you want to make a new insertion point in the previous document, just click here and start typing.

We will also explore some important points to type in a Word document.

  • To jump to a new line, you will never press the “enter button” because it will jump automatically to the new line.
  • To start a new paragraph, you will need to press the “enter button”.
  • If you want to create more space at the start of the paragraph or between the words then you may press the Tab button (one Tab space is equal to five spaces).
  • If you made a typing mistake, press the backspace key to reverse the typing and type again the correct word.

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