How to Save Excel File (Workbook)?

When we open an Excel program and create a new file/workbook. If we want to retrieve it later to modify, consult, or print it, we have to store it in a hard drive (computer harddisk internal, external, or USB drive). This action is called “Save”. To save a file/workbook for the first time, simply follow the below steps:

How to Save Excel File/Wordbook?

Step-1: Click on the “File” tab from the toolbar, Or Click on the “Save” command (icon) that will be in the Quick Access Toolbar. A backstage window will open on the screen.

Step-2: As it is the first time you save the file/workbook. The default location for the saved document is “Document folder”. But if you want to save it in the other location just select “Browse” button. The below “Save as” window will appear. 

In the Save in box, choose the location/folder where you want to save the file/workbook. 

In the File Name box, shows the temporary file name, i.e. (Book 1, Book2 …) replace it with your desired name that you want to permanently keep the file/workbook on that name.

Remain file type as default, Excel will automatically add the (*.xlsx) extension to the file.

How to Save Excel File (Workbook)

Step-3: Now, click on the “Save” button. 

Save changes in the existing spreadsheet

If you want to bring changes (updating, deletion, etc.)  in the existing spreadsheet, you just do it and click on “Save” command in the Quick Access Toolbar, or just press [Ctrl] + S buttons from the keyboard. 

Shortcut Key:

Press [Ctrl] + S buttons direct from your keyboard to save the Excel file. 


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