How to Open Excel File?

It is very easy to use, how to open an existing workbook in excel? If you have to find the file on our computer, and you have already installed the Microsoft Office application.  Just follow the below steps to open it.

How to open excel file?


Step-1: Double click on the excel file and it will open directly in your computer.


Step-1: Open the folder where your excel file is located as shown in the below screenshot. Select the file.

Step-2: Click with the right mouse button

Step-3: Click on the “Open” option with the left button. Your file will open.

How to Open Excel File


Step-1: Open an excel program 

Step-2: Click on the File tab, the below screenshot will be opened.

Step-3: Selec “Open” option

You will see more option under the “Open”

  • Recent: In this tab, you can see workbooks or folders names that have recently opened or closed. Just click on the workbook or folder name. It will open.
  • OneDrive: You can open your file from OneDrive.
  • This PC: Open a file from your computer. Just same the “Browse” option.
  • Browse: Browse the location of the file where it has been saved in your computer. It is an easy method on how to open an existing workbook in excel?

How to Open an Existing Workbook in Excel

When you click on the “Browse” option, the below window will open. 

Step-4: Choose the location of the file

Step-5: Select the name of the file

Step-6: Click “Open”

How to Open an Existing Workbook in Excel

The above screenshots are of Microsoft Excel 2019, however, it can change when we have a different version of Microsoft Office. So, be familiar with excel program then no problem will occur that how to open excel file? 

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