How to open a Word document on computer? Lesson: 08

In this lesson, we will learn, how to open a Microsoft Word document on the computer. Microsoft Word is the most popular application used for writing text documents. It can open text (.txt) files, rich text format (.rtf) files, XML (.xml) files, web page (.htm or .html) files, and Word (.doc, .docx, .docm, and more) files.

To open any of the above format files in the Microsoft Word program you can use any of the following methods.

How to open a Word document on a Computer?


Double-click on the File:

This is a short and quick method to open a word document on your computer. Just double-click on a Microsoft Word file it will be opened on the computer. Microsoft Word documents, like .doc and .docx files, are associated by default with the Word program. However, web page files, text, and rich text format files are often not associated by default with Microsoft Word, so double-clicking these files may open in another program.


Right-click on Word File Select a Word Program:

If you want to open any file, you can select the file and choose the program to open a document with.

  • Right-click on the file/document you want to open on your computer.
  • A pop-up menu will be appeared, select Open with
  • Choose the Microsoft Word application option, and your file will be opened within Word. Make sure that Microsoft Word is installed on your computer. If the Word program is not installed on your computer then install it.
  • So, your file will be opened within Word.
How to open a Word document on computer


How to open a Word document within Word Program:

Follow the steps below to open a Word file within the Microsoft Word program.

  • Open the Microsoft Word application.
  • Click the File tab at the left corner of the Ribbon. A backstage view will be opened.
  • Click the Open
  • Click on This PC or Browse
  • Select the location of your file where it has been already saved. Choose the file you want to open.
How to open a Word document on computer

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