How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

In this lesson, you will learn about how to make a PowerPoint presentation professionally. Because a lot of tools/commands are available in Microsoft PowerPoint application to present your data on slides. It is very important for you to learn first about the different parts of the PowerPoint window. So it will make easy for you how to create a PowerPoint presentation. You may follow the below steps.

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

First, you open a Microsoft PowerPoint application, choose a theme (blank), and then click on the create button.

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

The following basic tools/commands are used to create a PowerPoint presentation.


Commands of clipboard (cut, copy, paste, duplicate). Slides (inserting new slide, slide layout, reset slide, add or remove section). Fonts setting (bold, italic, underline, character spacing, text size, text color, etc ). Paragraph settings (numbering, left, center, right, text direction, line spacing, etc). Drawing (drawing shapes, arrange, styling, 3D effects, fill color to shapes, etc). Editing (find, replace text, etc).


Insert new slides, tables, images, illustrations, text box, header, footer, word art, symbols, multimedia, etc.


Choose theme, variants, slide setup, and background color or texture for slides.


Commands related to slide transitions (complete slide animation, their effects, and movement timing).


Commands related to text, pictures, and shapes animation within the individual slides.

Slide Show:

Commands related to start slideshow from beginning or current slide, set online presentation and previews.


Review related to the current slide i.e. proofing content, check spelling, language selection, add or delete comments, explore the words, and comparing presentations.


Commands related to presentation views, Master slides, color settings, and window arrangements.


Help and training materials.

These are the basic commands uses in PowerPoint presentation, however, you can explore more commands.


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