How to Add New Slide in PowerPoint?

In this lesson, we will learn how to add a new slide in powerpoint?. It is unlikely that your presentation contains only one slide. You may need to add other slides in our presentation, possibly with other designs or custom. You should follow the below steps to insert a new slide in the current presentation

To insert a new slide into your presentation, do the following to choose the design of the new slide at the same time.

How to Add New Slide in PowerPoint?

See the below screenshot and follow the steps.

How to Add New Slide in PowerPoint?

1st Method:

Step-1: Open Microsoft PowerPoint application.

Step-2: In slides tab, Right-click on the current slide.

Step-3: Click on New Slide

2nd Method:

step-1: Select Home or Insert Tab.

Step-2: Click on the New Slide.

Step-3: Select the desired design for the new slide. The new slide appears at the same time on the left in the Slides tab (where it is highlighted as the current slide). On the right in the work area (where it is enlarged). Repeat this procedure for each new slide to add.

How to Insert a New Slide in the Current Presentation

Personalization Slide Design:

If no standard design meets your needs, you can create a reusable custom design. Specifies, among other things, the number, size, as well as an existing theme and it’s content (background, colors, fonts, design, animations, and theme effects). Do this with the help of the Design mode of the slide pattern.


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