Thursday , May 19 2022

Difference Between Human Beings and Computer

In this lesson, I will try to explore the basic difference between human beings and computer. I must explain the functioning of the human’s brain, usually says that it looks like a computer. However, it does not have as many similarities as it seems. Understanding these differences can lead to a better study of one of the main components of our body and its peculiarities. This is why we should see the difference between a computer and the human brain.

Some common similarities between the human brain and computer, e.g. both are utilizing storage capacity and providing information.

Difference Between Human Beings and Computer:

Human Being Computer Machine

There is a combination of male and female in the creation of human. And it has to go through different conditions for 9 months.

There is a variety of parts joint each other by humans to make a computer. It is the most important invention of the human being.

A human is a living being having living characteristics like using food and water with need base and having emotions

A computer is a nonliving thing, it is an electronic device made by human and consumes electricity and emotionless

A human has a brain and can think creatively in a different angle.

A computer has no brain and can’t think creatively. It works just what has been faded through commands

A human makes decisions according to his thoughts. The brain keeps information about the spatiality and size of objects, giving us this information in a matter of seconds. The brain shows a greater knowledge of the world.

A computer can’t think, is a programmable machine doing work according to the given commands. The computers cannot provide information about the objects.

A human brain works as analog with different processing speed

A computer works as digital with high processing speed

A human can use a computer for doing any specific job A computer can’t use the human and can’t do any job by itself

A human brain is a greatly parallel machine

A computer is a modular and serial machine

A human brain has no software for execution

A computer has software for any command execution

Probably human is working as a single user

A computer is a multi-user machine. It can perform multiple tasks at the same time

The human short-term memory has to do with nearby indications and ideas that lead to long-term memory.

While RAM contains information equal to the one on the hard disk. In addition, the RAM has a fixed capacity, while the short-term memory is fluctuating and changes according to the person and experience.

The human brain depends on factors such as the time of the electrochemical signals, which determine some neuronal activities. In addition, brain time is not the same as a clock, but rather as waves.

The computer has a digital clock, and its parts act in a specific time.

The brain has a memory of addressable content, that is, through close concepts. The current debate has to do with how memories disappear if it is simply because they fall or other memories interfere.

However, in computers, we access information through the exact address in which it is located. You can also make an index of memories and access by neighboring terms.